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7 Ways to Protect Your Roof from Storm Damage

Owning a home gives you financial freedom and long-term value that can be passed from one generation to the next. Still, there are many things you need to consider to avoid financial strain as a homeowner. If you live in an area with severe weather conditions, it’s essential to prepare your home for potential storms. Protecting your roof is one critical task that can help you save money and avoid stress when a storm whips through your area.

The best way to keep your home and your roof safe are to take preventative measures to avoid significant damage. Let’s discuss some effective steps to protect your home from storm damage.

Tips to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Roof and Property

As a roofing company in Temple, TX, we often get called for repairs that could have been avoided with some simple maintenance steps. Here are some excellent tips to help avoid storm damage:

  1. Clean Your Gutters– An easy and effective way to avoid serious roof damage is to keep your gutters free of debris. Routine gutter cleanings can ensure water drains away from your home during rain storms, protecting your roof from water damage.
  2. Clear Leaves and Debris from Your Roof– If you notice any debris buildup on your roof, be sure to remove it as soon as possible. Use a roof rake, blower, or broom to remove leaves and debris from your roof. This doesn’t just alleviate unnecessary weight from your roof, but it also allows water to flow freely off your roof to your gutters and away from your property.
  3. Clean Downspouts– Clogged downspouts can also cause significant water damage. While you’re cleaning your gutters, be sure that the downspout openings are also clear from blockages.
  4. Check for Loose Shingles– Loose, broken, or split shingles are easy to fix. However, when ignored, they can create more costly roof damage. If you know a major storm is on the way, inspect your roof for loose or damaged shingles. Professional roofing companies can quickly and easily fix these issues before more significant damage occurs.
  5. Schedule a Chimney Inspection– Many people overlook the potential for roof damage caused by a damaged chimney. Ensure that your chimney flashing is in good shape. Scheduling a quick chimney inspection can help you avoid water damage.
  6. Trim Your Trees– Inspect your yard and check the trees close to your house for broken or overgrown branches. Any compromised branches or trees can fall on your roof during windy conditions and create costly damage. If you’ve already experienced some roof damage from fallen trees, check out our article What To Do When a Fallen Tree Damages Your Roof.
  7. Schedule a Roof Inspection– Annual roof inspections increase the lifespan of your roof and identify problem areas that can be fixed before they become more significant. If you haven’t scheduled annual roof inspections in the past, now is the time!

Contact T2K Roofing to Schedule an Inspection

Storm damage roof repairs can create a costly problem for homeowners, but you can avoid some damage with preventative measures. At T2K Roofing, we’re here to help you avoid expensive roofing repairs. Contact us today to schedule your free roofing inspection.

We are proud to offer the best residential roofing services in the area.


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