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5 Reasons You Should Not DIY Your New Roof

When it’s time to replace a residential roof, many people are tempted to try to do it themselves. With all the DIY tutorials online, it has to be easy, right? Roof replacement is expensive, so why not save money and handle it yourself?

Although DIY is great for many projects, it’s a disaster for residential roofing. Let’s discuss why you should leave the roofing to the professionals!

Why You Shouldn’t Replace Your Roof Yourself

Roofing projects top the list as one of those home improvement jobs you shouldn’t try on your own. Here are six reasons you should leave the work to the professionals:

1.   It’s Dangerous

The danger factor undoubtedly tops the list of reasons you should leave roofing work to professionals. You’ll face several hazards if you try to do these projects yourself, especially without the right set of skills and experience. For starters, you’ll have to work from elevated heights, which can create a potential issue if you’re not used to being on top of a roof.

Deep sloping surfaces, the weather, equipment and tools, and the knowledge required also make it dangerous to fix your roof independently. Additionally, significant roof damage can be unsafe. Roofing contractors have the experience, tools, and equipment to complete your project correctly.

2.   You’ll Void Your Warranty

If you attempt to install your own roof, you may experience issues down the road. Another significant issue you’ll face is your warranty. Even with the perfect installation, most manufacturers won’t honor warranties if a professional roofer doesn’t do the installation and repairs. You’ll be forced to pay out of pocket if you can’t provide proof of professional installation if damage occurs while your roofing materials are under warranty.

3.   You Can Miss a Serious Problem

Patching a leak or replacing broken shingles can easily fix an aesthetic issue, but you may only notice a severe underlying problem with the right experience. Professional roofers don’t just patch the damaged roof. They also assess and address any damage underneath, preventing progressive damage that requires costly repairs. Check out our piece on How to Spot Cowboy Roofers: 8 signals To Look Out For, if you’re interested in finding out more about why it’s so important for homeowners to be aware of the warning signals of “cowboy roofers” so they can avoid employing them and protect themselves and their property. Homeowners can take precautions to make sure they pick a reliable, experienced roofer and stay away from the dangers of working with a cowboy roofer.

4.   You Won’t Save Money in the Long Run

Replacing your roof is a significant investment. While it may seem like you can save a ton of money by doing it yourself, this isn’t the truth. Professional roofers can often repair specific areas rather than replace the entire roof. The experts have the skill necessary to identify damage and create a cost-effective solution to your needs. If you handle your project on your own, you can fail to spot problems or improperly install materials, leading to extra costs down the road.

5.   It Takes a Long Time

Although you may get the impression that a roof replacement project can move quickly, it doesn’t work that way. Most roofing companies use several workers to tackle the job in several days. Expert roofers have the expertise and equipment to handle your job as quickly as possible. Even if you have the help of some friends and family, you don’t know exactly what you’re doing without professional experience.

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